Autonomous Drone Technology In San Diego | Planck Aerosystems | 2065 Kurtz St, San Diego, CA 92110 | (619) 230-5049 |
Planck Aerosystems is the first autonomous drone company to focus on operating from moving vehicles. Our drone intelligence technology, including specialized aircraft systems, artificial intelligence, and advanced computer vision software provide a safer, faster, and more efficient way to perform real-time situational awareness, inspection, and object detection tasks from moving vehicles, such as work boats and trucks. We work with government agencies and commercial maritime operators to deliver unprecedented aerial data collection capabilities. Planck Aerosystems believes that autonomous robotic technologies offer revolutionary benefits to many industries and government sectors. Planck is dedicated to bringing the benefits of drone technology to new applications and markets by making drones simpler, safer, and smarter. We build functional products through scientific innovation, rapid prototyping, exhaustive testing, and deep relationships with our customers. Planck’s autonomous precision navigation technology enables on-the-go drone operations from mobile platforms including trucks and boats, which provide time-critical aerial data to improve safety, security and success for maritime and mobile professionals. Planck employees engage through a collaborative work environment and shared ownership in our company and our products.

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