8-24-2018, Hawthorne, CA / Los Angeles County Fire Department on scene on the westbound 105 (Century) Freeway before Crenshaw Boulevard reported an overturned gasoline tanker with fire spreading to the shrubbery on the side of the freeway. The crash involved a double gasoline tanker and a car. A witness on scene reported the “double tanker” big rig tangling with a car, jackknifing, separating the second tank that then flipped on its side. L.A. County Firefighters implemented a water curtain, keeping the second tank cool. The fiery wreck also damaged the metro rail ( green line) train’s wires and fencing that runs down the middle of the freeway. Water and foam were utilized to knock down surrounding fire as the main gasoline fire in the ruptured tank was allowed to burn itself out. The 105 (Century) Freeway, a main artery to L.A.X., and the South Bay was shut down in both directions from the 405 (San Diego) to the 110 (Harbor) freeway. The cause of the double fatality pre-dawn crash is under investigation by the CHP, CalTrans and environmental cleanup agencies. For miles thousands of morning commuters were stuck in thier cars due to the congested backup. – MNR –

More info on LACountyFD / Gasoline Tanker Fire / Hawthorne California / CHP Handle

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