Hey, Jungo community! Dave savage, CEO of Mortgage Coach coming to you live at the Jungo headquarters. I’m in San Diego, you can look at the view, it’s crazy. I actually did not realize what a great view Jungo had at their headquarters.

But here’s my message, I just finished interviewing Wally Elibiary an million producer that is killing it and not always doing a lot of production, but he’s doing a lot of past customer loans. So in 2017 he only close 21 loans from his past customer database of over a thousand past customers. In 2018 he closed 82 loans from his past customer database. Huge.

How did he do that? He did that because one, he had a strategy that had, a referral base, local loan officer, I need to do a better job than ever. It’s staying in touch with my past clients, delivering ongoing value powered by Mortgage Coach powered by Jungo.

So I want you to think of Jungo as the platform that helps you keep promises to your clients, whether it’s a realtor or a family. You keep promises to yourself. You know the thing I love about it, it helps you just stay focused on “what calls do I need to make today” and the other thing I love about it is they have now automated the Mortgage Coach total cost analysis so that you can mass send that out to all your past customers.

So, Jungo was our first integration partner when they innovated the concept at the point of sale through Jungo click a button, total cost analysis, and then it’s saved. It’s in Jungo. What did I say? What did I say? You know, that was an innovation and now they’ve automated it so that all your past customers, you could do a query based off of loan amount, interest rate, different circumstances in mass. Send that out.

So, it is 2019 and change is happening. Disruption is in the air. Zillow is in the mortgage business, Redfin is in the mortgage business. Keller Williams is in the mortgage business and the talk of the town is Amazon is going to get in the mortgage business. They’re going to kill it when it comes to transaction. They’re good, deliver great price, they’ll get delivered fast speed and convenience.

If you are a local referral based mortgage professional and you want to kill it, you need to use your CRM more than ever. You need to deliver advice. You can’t just say, I’m an advisor and my advice makes a difference. You need to say, my advice helps you build wealth with real estate faster. My advice and the way I help clients, I’ll do this annual review and I’ll manage your mortgage over time so you can actually build wealth with real estate faster. You can’t do that without a great CRM. You can’t do that without a great advice engine like Mortgage Coach, so you put the two together and you guys have amazing automation.

I hope this was valuable reminder for you. Please, if you want more on Mortgage Coach, go to mortgagecoach.com make sure you subscribe to our Facebook group, Mortgage Coach Productivity Mastermind we will let any mortgage professional end hope this was valuable.

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