This is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home that just came on the market. It was purchased back in June and has been updated for a flip. What’s unique about this property is that it also has development potential. The max density is 3 units, so someone can scrap the land and build new, or keep the renovated 2+1 since it doesn’t occupy the whole lot and build two new row homes. The height limit is good in this area so it’s possible to get an ocean view from a roof deck. Based on the remodel and its proximity to the beach and Coast Hwy, this home is priced pretty well. Although, nowadays people are looking for more than just 1 bathroom.
NOTE: This is not my listing and I’m not a financial advisor; these are just my comments.

More info on Real Estate Review: 607 Windward Way, Oceanside, San Diego county, CA

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