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Did you know you can refill your ink cartridge for a fraction of the cost vs. buying a new ink cartridge?
Enjoy a savings of up to 70% on ink costs.
Ink refills start at just .49
Supported inkjet cartridge families include HP, Canon and Epson.
Just bring in your empty inkjet cartridges and get top-quality inks with reliable ink cartridge performance.
Our in-store refill operators use commercial grade ink refilling equipment that preps, evacuates, cleans and then fills your cartridge automatically.
Refilling supports the environment by reducing landfill waste and lessens our carbon footprint.
Visit the Photo Center today.

The in-store representatives (in the Photo Center) are trained to refill over 300 different ink cartridge types from all the major manufacturers (i.e. HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark and Dell) and can answer any additional questions you may have. It typically takes less than an hour to complete the refill from the time you drop the cartridges off. Costco stands behind the product and performance – guaranteed. All inks are Made in America and closely match original manufacturer’s ink quality – we are sure you’ll be satisfied with both color ‘pop’ and image longevity performance.

Save Money. Save The Environment.

Customers who have questions regarding the use of refilled ink cartridges can visit:

More info on San Diego Ink Refill Service – Costco, San Diego CA

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