Autonomous Trucks: The Pursuit of Safer and More Efficient Logistics

We are in the midst of a logistics revolution as companies race to introduce autonomous vehicles to the commercial market. TuSimple, a global autonomous trucking technology company, has separated itself from the pack as a leader with its industry-leading perception system and newly launched Autonomous Freight Network. By partnering with logistics giants such as UPS, U.S. Xpress and more, TuSimple is able to collect critical feedback as they validate their system, enabling the company to create a technology and infrastructure that meets customer needs. TuSimple is paving the way for the commercialization of self-driving trucks, and these partnerships are laying the groundwork for quick adoption once autonomous technology hits the market.

Listen to Qian Chu, Senior Technical Project Manager at TuSimple, as she explains how autonomous truck technology will make our roads safer and eco-friendly while also increasing operational efficiency in the logistics industry. During this session you will learn:

-The basics of autonomous trucking technology and how it differs from passenger cars
-Why autonomy will make our roads safer and logistics operations more efficient
-How TuSimple will introduce autonomy to the commercial market
-Real-world use cases of how self-driving trucks are being used today

Major thanks to Chris Montgomery from Cooley for sponsoring and joining us, Thank you to Qian Chu for taking time to talk to us.

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