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Tough Turtle Turf is Southern California’s number one and fastest-growing artificial grass company.

Who’s the only term company to feature cool blade technology which prevents the turf from getting hot?
Tough Turtle Turf

Which artificial turf company company guarantees the lowest price in the industry only lifetime warranty?
Tough Turtle Turf

Which artificial turf company provides the highest quality product and the best customer service experience?
Tough Turtle Turf

That was Raleigh fingers through Scott’s Jerry Templeton and
Trevor Hoffman for experts on turf and take it from me Kurt Bevacqua the answer is always tough turtle or call us at 858-430-8626 to schedule your free no obligation consultation will
or contact us at

Let us help you turn your landscape nightmare into your dream yard.

Tough Turtle Turf
7394 Trade St.
San Diego, CA, 92126
(858) 348-5527

More info on Tough Turtle Turf: Best Artificial Grass in San Diego, CA (858) 348-5527

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