This trip begins in San Diego, but ends in Vancouver. This road trip is the best that can be offered of the west coast, especially of the Pacific Coast Highway. This video includes nearly the entire Pacific Coast Highway, from Dana Point to Leggett, with the exception of the stretch between San Simeon and Lucia due to road closure (because of mud/rock slides). The Pacific Ocean can frequently be seen from San Diego to Southwest Washington; after which, the road trip turns inland through Seattle and then up to Vancouver. I’d wanted to begin this trip in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, but I abandoned the idea when I found out the morning that I began this trip (less than 2 km from the Mexican border) that the border crossing waits were over an hour.

States/province passed through are:
California: (0:00:22-5:53:25)
Oregon: (5:53:25-7:42:25)
Washington: (7:42:25-9:04:30)
British Columbia: (9:04:30-9:14:42)

The highest elevation of this drive is 813 m in Monterey County at N36° 0′ 39.1″, W121° 27′ 21.1″ (2:34:59). The lowest elevation is at sea level multiple times throughout this video. With the exception of the detour away from the Pacific Coast Highway in San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties, the temperatures throughout this trip ranged from 51-63 F (10-17 C) between San Diego and Vancouver. I recorded a temperature of 86 F (30 C0 on US-101 near San Miguel, CA, which is the warmest temperature of this trip.

Day 1 of the real-time:
Days 2, 3, and 4 to follow soon.

On another note, the Canada/U.S. border crossing of I-5/BC-99 is the busiest of all of the U.S./Canada crossing, but I only had about a 2-minute wait to cross into Canada; But I had a 45 minute wait to cross back into the U.S. just two hours later.

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