Travelling California Days 12-14! Spending our last 3 days in San Diego eating some amazing food!

Our road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway comes to and end.
We made sure we made the most of our last days in California before driving back to LAX.
We made a stop at Trader Joe’s and Walmart to pick up some American goodies for the journey back to the UK which you MUST try!!

Our Food Recomendations:
Phil’s BBQ
Donut Bar
The Olive Cafe
Crack Shack

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All our footage for this trip was shot with a canon M50 setup.
If you like the footage we have added links below to the equipment we used:
Camera: Canon M50
Lens: Canon 10-18mm
Lens: Canon 22mm
Mic: Takstar SGC-598
Handle: Manfrotto Pixie tripod
TIP: The Manfrotto Pixie tripod is perfect for these lenses but for heavy lens get the next weight class up.

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