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The views & opinions expressed in this video are by the person filming, and do not necessarily represent the views of IRATE Productions and/or United Against Police Terror – San Diego.

Proof Positive San Diego Police uphold the right to travel via automobile as is a guarantee under US Constitution!

Our automobile is not business/commercial equipment but consumer household goods as even define federally under UCC 9-109 and upheld as in other US Superior Court case rulings. We do not need a license or to register consumer household goods, nor does traffic court or parking/traffic tickets apply to consumer household goods!

Video proof of police encounter that happened back February 1st, 2017 1:38am @ Sports Arena & Rosecrans (32.751181,-117.204664) next to the Goodwill Offices.
Without plates, DMV registration, car insurance, or even produce an ID.

“Traveling” via “consumer/household goods” aka “automobile,” NOT at all “driving” any “motor vehicle.”

“I pulled over to check my wheel and was about to leave when the cops came around behind me and that’s when I turned on video recording as documentation and evidence.

Listen carefully how I conduct myself and the rules of engagement. I’m very sure of the words I use and counter them every time they state something incorrectly about me.

This is also proof of good cops out here that have potential to be best and thoroughly know with confidence how to respect the right to travel, as it should be…I need to invite them to a seminar/workshop of mine, haha.”

The end result of this encounter on video is the best part, hear it for yourself. πŸ˜ƒ

(I was traveling using my Avalon…no plates just courtesy signage and notices to cops)

*I want it to be known that I am everyday people who just really-really took the time and puts efforts to, and still continually really do homework, immersed myself in independent research, and studies to be sure and confident with all I know with the right to travel, civil rights and liberties, police conduct and polices, courts, etc.

I didn’t go to any law school, or want to afford it just to read books worth when I have access to resources locally and internet for free and cheaper than an enslaving student loan…but I have some experience in law office and paralegal training under a friend of mine who became an attorney few years ago.

I’m independently branched off to pursue and established – Traveler Society of So. CA as of Nov. 2016, when I finally got irritatedly annoyed by DMV and their extortion methods and letters over registration renewal and fees, etc.”

*(If you need assistance countering CA DMV registration renewal letters, contact us. I have been able to diffuse them imposing registration on a non-commercial private automobile. The DMV is to also issue free of charge exempt plates for non-commercial automobiles.)

“This is just the beginning of my vision and mission. I do so for us, the people, I’m clearing the way and paying the cost to be the boss (mentor actually, boss =slave owner) …leading by example from the front never pushing from the back! I can do it with nothing but by thee Almighty Father who strengthens me…and so can you!”

Traveler’s Society So. Ca

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United Against Police Terror – San Diego
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