Planning a vacation in San Diego? Check out our videos at to learn about family attractions, day tours, nightlife and much more. Here is our list of the 5 tips you need to know about the city.
First let’s talk about the weather. San Diego is considered to be the city with the mildest climate in the US, so you can visit it 12 months a year. Our tip? If you’re planning a vacation to visit popular attractions such as Seaworld or the San Diego Zoo, try to book you vacation between January and March.
Our next tip is to head south and explore Tijuana, AKA TJ. This Mexican city is located only 15 Kilometers from San Diego and offers a completely different energy and cultural experience. Check for more videos about TJ, including sightseeing, shopping and safety tips.
Next let’s talk about the main attractions in San Diego. Over 30 million tourists visit this city each year and most of them are heading to the world famous places such as Seaworld, San Diego Zoo and Legoland. If you plan a family vacation, it’s best not to make spontaneous decisions about the places you want to visit. If you pre book you tickets you will save time and money. Check out our website for more ideas about how to stay in budget.
Now let’s talk about whales. Many visitors to San Diego know this is one of the best places in the US to observe the giants of the sea. One way to do this is to take one of the many cruises on offer. Another great way to spot whales is to head to Cabrillo National Monument. It is situated on the Southern tip of Point Loma Peninsula in San Diego. From here you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the city, while you whale watch with the other enthusiasts.
Finally, if you are looking for a beach holiday, San Diego offers some of the best beaches in California, and our favorite one is Mission Beach. However, if you are looking to combine a day at the beach with a spot of sightseeing, you should head to Coronado Island to enjoy its affluence, beauty and stunning sandy white beaches.
Looking for more information about San Diego? Check out for more videos about San Diego’s nightlife, budget tips, family attractions, day tours and a lot more.

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