I went to San Diego to visit UCSD and have fun around there! I go to Disneyland in the next one!

Welcome to my channel, Raina’s Universe! I’m Raina, a high schooler living in NYC! I do and am into lots of different things, so you’ll see me do lots of different things in my videos.
Physics, playing music, figure skating, animals, and baseball are just a few things I love. I take violin and figure skating lessons, and I play in an orchestra and play chamber music. I’m a Yankees fan!
I really like exploring and learning about the world, so join me on an adventure as I take you around and show you guys the things I’m in to!

PO box 20217
new york, NY 10009

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instagram @rainasuniverse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myyankeeuniverse/
twitter: @rainatheperson https://twitter.com/rainatheperson

email: rainasuniverse22@gmail.com

I do all the edits and everything!

My cameras:
Canon g7x mark ii
GoPro hero session and hero 5
Nikon d7200


More info on SAN DIEGO TRAVEL VLOG 2019

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