AHHH I am so excited to be sharing my “first” ever vlog on this channel and with my boyf Juan! I’m so happy to finally have a video up for you all. It seems like forever since my last video and I apologize. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. I’m actually very happy/proud of how this came out. Also, I know a record a lot of our meals buuuut I swear we do other things. Guess you’ll have to subscribe to keep up with us 😉

If you’d like to keep up with me:
Instagram: hillarynicole.a

I’m posting more regularly and I definitely want to get more involved with all of you. Thank you always for your support and to all my subbies, thank you for sticking around!! LOVE U ALL!!

OH I almost forgot….
P.S thinking’ bout doing one of those couple channels “Hillary & Juan” cause I want to document a lot more of our adventures together since it’s seldom we get to see each other now.

For all business inquires only:

Song: There For You- Rameses B
Downloaded from @nocopyrightsounds

More info on TRAVEL VLOG: SAN DIEGO (first vlog ever!!)

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