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Follow me around San Diego as I showcase my favorite vegan gluten free restaurants! I attended college for a brief time near here, so going back to see all of my friends is always nice!

My reviews:

Peace Piesl:
Overall Rating – 9
I. Love. Peace. Pies. I remember coming here for the first time shortly after going vegan and this place was not my favorite, but I’ve really grown to love raw food! Although entirely raw, the menu was full of exciting and flavorful combinations that you’d never imagine weren’t cooked! What the heck! The food was great along with the environment and staff!

Trilogy Sanctuary:
Overall rating – 10
Trilogy will always be on my list of favorite vegan spots. I remember coming here for the first time and immediately noticing fresh fruit, veggies, multiple bulk items on display in the kitchen and being like, “woaaaaaahhh”. The food is so unique and there is always some sort of seasonal menu out so you can never get bored with your options! What I really love about Trilogy is that, like Peace Pies, no matter what, you leave feeling refueled and energized from the food you put into your body. LET US NOT FORGET THAT THERE IS ALSO A YOGA STUDIO CONNECTED TO THIS CAFE AAAANNNDDD AN AERIAL SPACE…so…if that interests you. The staff is super knowledgable and friendly as well so that’s always a fun time (customer service is my #1, fam). But yes. I make it a point to go to Trilogy Cafe EVERY time I’m in the La Jolla/San Diego area!

Cafe Gratitude:
Overall rating – 9
Cafe Gratitude is another restaurant that has been on my vegan favorites list since first going vegan. If you live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, it’s kind of similar to Spiral Diner just a bit healthier (in my opinion) and more vibey. The thing that has always attracted me to Cafe Gratitude is the affirmations. When you order you say “I am” before the dish and the waiter repeats it back to you. A lot of the time they will also give you a conversation starter for your table! This restaurant holds so much positivity within and that is super special to me. Anyways, thank you Fiona for being such a kick ass waitress! 🙂

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